From where the wind blows...

Nafpaktos is a beautiful town, built panoramically on a hillside of pine trees. It is the second largest town in the prefecture of Aetolia-Acarnania and lies 28 miles. from Eratini and 6 miles away. from the Rio-Antirio ferry boat docks. The old port boasts two charming towers at each end of its opening, a pleasant sight for all visitors to enjoy. The well-preserved Venetian fort is one of the most beautiful in all of Greece and a true treasure of Nafpaktos. The town is very busy throughout the whole year and becomes extremely popular in the summer. Visitors are sure to find plenty of delightful and tasty options among the several restaurants, taverns and cafes in the town center, on the beach or high up on the hills with a view to the to the port and the sea. "Chani Bania" is 10 miles beyond Nafpaktos and sits by the Evinos river. It is a small community built within a steep gorge. Upon entering "Chani Bania", on the way from Nafpaktos, you’ll encounter the “Rafting House – Outdoor Activities” amusement park for outdoor sports such as rafting and other activities – an ideal spot for tourists not content with simply lying on the beach all day, every day! Here, guests can spend their day rafting, kayaking, riding a mountain bike, rappelling, rock climbing, horse-riding, trying their aim at archery and flying fox while taking in the full splendor of nature all around and if so inclined, also enjoy a meal or drink right by the river.


The picturesque township of Galaxidi lies only 12 miles away from Eratini, on the South-Eastern seaside of the Fokida prefecture. Galaxidi has a rich maritime history famous for its naval fleet and the naval architectural skills of its locals. Legendary Galaxidi has remained popular over time. Today, it is considered one of the most charming summer resort areas in Greece. In fact, it is considered a traditional settlement, preserving the rare and unique architectural design of the so-called “Captains’ Residences”. Galaxidi combines rich and extensive history with natural beauty, picturesque alleyways, formidable monuments and gorgeous ceramic-tiled rooftops adorning the town’s historic mansions.


The tiny isle of Trizonia is the only inhabited island in the Corinthian Gulf. The mostly unknown location is fully lush and green and boasts a beautiful natural port, used as a docking spot for luxurious sailboats and small private yachts. Along the coast, there are several traditional taverns, restaurants and cafes for visitors to enjoy the magical view and surroundings. Choose your beach haven on Trizonia for a day in the sun or an evening stroll. The island is an natural paradise, as it is the largest ecologically virgin island in the Corinthian Gulf. It lies 12 miles away from Eratini.


The historic monument of the most significant Oracle of the Ancient Greek world rests in the ancient city of Delphi. Known as “the center of the Earth”, it is both the birthplace of, and where the most important religious center of antiquity flourished. In fact, in 1987 the archeological site of Delphi was added to the list of World Heritage UNESCO Sites. Delphi is built along the emerald hillsides of Mount Parnassus among spruce trees at an elevation of almost halve a mile above sea level. It is 31 miles away from Eratini.